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Originally Posted by Dragon22 View Post
#TedNugent isn't boring #LOL let's get him in #RandRhall #ufo #UriahHeep and #Nazareth also belong perhaps #JethroTull #notboring

what if we had #massshooting 4 every #fetus #PP #aborted would some still be #proabort? #disrespect 4 #life #causes #massshootings #defundPP

Thunder Mother isn't bad but I still prefer BenParkDrive and West Water Outlaws. and most of the time

As I have said before this band would make Humble Pie proud!!!!

Did you hear about the gun that won the lotto? It got loaded
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More Fun Then Selling Insurance
1-877-526-6957 ID Z4941 for free info on best M L M
don't pay up for pepsi it is just flavored sugar water plus R they still #proabort? how many will #pp kill today? #taxsugar plus #luxaborttax

And of course it isn't cool that DACA recips are making more then 52% of USA so my solution is 100% tax above the 25%lowest percentage of pop. DACATAX is solution for DACAscam

also #halaltax on #halal products to educate people about #sharia #shariascam
hum registered on some TEs where I was supposed to get bitcoin but don't think I ever actually got any.

scary thoughts of the day!!!

#1 what if Huffy is right about Repubs being Bat S Crazy-- Don't like the #TaxReform blame the #proabort #demos who should be #prolife ethical people can't vote proabort--

#2 What if GWAR became a Christian band. Perhaps the Angels would rejoice or perhaps they would be afraid of the perversion of the Gospel. Alt lyrics-- Turn The other But Cheak

But more importantly I have anti abort GWAR type prattle.

Glory Glory Hallula(sp?) proaborts should just rape the babies in the womb. Shouldn't kill them if your not going to eat them.

GWAR shall be band of the day and Mogg/Way shall have my SOD with Jerselum er Jerusalem GWAR is also my Band of The month. Orange Goblin is my band of the week. New Glob scheduled for May 2018?? not updated on their site yet but reported in rock press.

Might not ever finish my top 500 album list. Fav vs best as the rankings will be different. Perhaps for quality I should just make multiple list of 100

For Best list think the new GWAR Oct 2017 will top deep purple machine head full album but on a favorite list Machine Head will fair better hould cap Deep Purple but I'm LAZY LOL but back to Jerusalem just retweeted
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