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WARNING YOU COULD GET FAT IF YOU WIN THE LOTTO 1-877-526-6957 ID Z4941 for a free info pack LOL I'll take the chance
'There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends' - John 15:13 was My VOD found on

Long Live Uncle Ted

Really do think he belongs in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Not as big as error as when Deep Purple wasn't in LOL

And I don't have a problem with the Cars getting in; but, do think there are 13 to 15 bands that should have gotten in prior.

Meatloaf moved enough units with Bat Out of Hell I have added him to my list.

Can't remember all the bands I had on the list. I had given up on the idea of Donald Trump winning and started to think about something more fun and less important LOL

Uriah Heep
Jethro Tull
Foghat at one point I actually did a prattle that they may have been more worthy of induction then Deep Purple.

Don't think SaXoN was on the list of bands in before The Cars. But they might have been.

Do think SaXoN deserves to be in the Hall. They are a solid ball of rock for the post part and even pop era SaXon is pleasent(sp?)

So I might have to hunt up my FB ramble to see what other bands aren't in but are more worthy than the Cars. Krokus is good enough quality wise but not sure they made an impact or influence on other artist. and never hit the big time but they should have. Much talent and quality with the recordings they do have. You Call That Art? was also good enough to win over a Quiot Riot crowd when they opened for them

Did Quiot Riot make my list? Don't think they did. But I do believe they had an influence in some circles. I wouldn't get upset if they got in. Well perhaps a little more upset about UFO, Uriah Heep, Nazareth and Jethro Tull not being in.

Think if an artist moves a certain amount of units that should have some influence. One crit is that there are already to many bands in the Hall.

Yes and Deep Purple were on the top of my list of bands that belong in before they got in.

But the current line up of DP isn't in and that isn't totally right. But if you are going to keep JLT out??

Rainbow should be in but what line up?? Did they open a new can of worms?

Am I going to kick myself when I see my list of bands that should have gotten in before The Cars?

#uncleTedbelongsinthehall is that to long for a hashtag?? Of course there are more important things in life like #defundPP
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