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Question for Police how come we have 12 million illegals? Do your job. We should cut police salaries to min wage plus a nickel until we are down to 1 Million here illegally. You don't need a rapport with illegals.

Which candidate will slow the beast? If this unethical mandate is fact and if Ted Cruz or Donald Trump or even Bernie Sanders will endeavor to undo it then I could vote for him. King Soopers is being unethical asking for PINs. We need ethical people to go in and clog up their lines and refuse to give up pins. When I had unauthorised activity on my card -- Chase said it was my fault for giving out the pin. King Soopers claims this is a gov mandate. But you don't do an unethical mandate ASAP you slow drag and do it last minute. King Soopers may be an ANTICHRIST FOR ASKING FOR OUR PINS!!!!

Also need to expose the unethics of Arapahoe Ridge Elementary School and the Westminster PD. They slander loving parents. They should have their pay cut to minimum wage plus a nickel until the incompetent unethical pathetic goons are excommunicated from their employment. They are raping the tax payer until this happens. They need to undo their slander against me and others as well.

Always boycott crap and if your in the Westminster/Broomfield area shop Broomfield instead of COW city of Westminster it is a beast (COW)

On a more positive note and rock.

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